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Tina Stevens's Tip of the Week

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Do you currently have access to the digital media database? It can help you identify short-tail and long-tail digital advertising opportunities, understand the ad network ecosystem and contact sites with RFPs. Sign in now to search the...

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Digital Media Spotlight

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The Fundamentals of Programmatic Buying: the latest Digital Advertising Guide from Kantar Media

Programmatic is changing the face of online advertising, but it's also the cause of much confusion and fear. Many agencies and marketers understand that they should explore programmatic buying for its efficiencies, but it's extremely challenging to explore it for campaigns without a clear understanding of what it really means. Everyone seems to have their own...

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The Media Mic Podcast

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The Media Mic, Episode 05: Paul Polizzotto from CBS EcoMedia

    In this inspiring episode we talk with Paul Polizzotto, President and Founder of CBS EcoMedia. From Paul's journey as a social entrepreneur to joining the media world and becoming part of CBS, Paul and David Crawford discuss CBS EcoMedia's mission... Read More

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View more » Media Data Updates Through Q2 2014

In June, our hard-working data team made 5,377 updates (not including direct marketing) to the databases, bring the Q2 2014 total to 33,046. In the last three months, the majority of the updates came within the business publication database. To date, the updates break down as follow: 7,972 business publication updates 7,825 newspaper updates 6,344 digit...

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Featured Video

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Mr. Magazine Interview with Stephen Davis, Kantar Media SRDS President, and James G. Elliott

A few weeks ago, our President, Stephen Davis, was featured in a live video interview with Mr. Magazine. In the interview, Steve and James G. Elliott, founder and president of James G. Elliott Co., Inc., shared findings from a study they conducted on the user base in Q4 2013. The goal of the study was to better understand the media planning and...

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What Kind of Online Advertising are you Conducting for your Brand or Clients?

If you're involved in digital media planning, we want to hear about it! Fill out my online form. var x1lybvmb01dr1ub;(function(d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t), options = {...
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