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SRDS at Folio:Show 2015

by Dan Muller |  Last week SRDS President Steve Davis spoke as part of the panel on "Relationship Selling: On the Wane, or More Important Than Ever?" at Folio:Show 2015.    Media publishers gather at Marriott Marquis NYC to share and discuss ideas   Steve, Jim Elliott (President, James G. Elliott Co. Inc.) and Joe Landry (Group Publisher,... Read More

SRDS.com Exclusive Profile: Data Aficionado

by The SRDS Team |  Data Aficionado, high-end business magazine launching October 2015. Engaged community of 110,000 business decision makers.  We spoke with Jon Leiman, editor and publisher, about Data Aficionado, his new magazine launching October 2015. We talked about the reasons advertisers want to connect with this business audience... Read More

2015 Speaking Engagements with James G. Elliott Co.

by Dan Muller |  Inside the mind of the media buyer w/ @srds and @AdsAndIdeas at #amp15. pic.twitter.com/YbYnvpFlfC — m.a. mulligan (@mnagillum) June 17, 2015 SRDS President Stephen Davis and James Elliott from James G. Elliott Co. recently addressed several industry events  about the Media Planning and Buying Study our two... Read More

Global Advertising Expenditure: Q1 2014 vs. Q1 2015

by Dan Muller |  At Kantar Media we provide the most comprehensive and accurate intelligence on media consumption, performance and value. Our clients rely on our data and services for all aspects of media measurement, monitoring and selection. Our Global Advertising Expenditure Report includes spending trends on 21 individual media... Read More

10 Little-Known Facts about Media Planning

by Dan Muller |  Jay Friedman, COO of the Goodway Group, recently shared some lesser-known tips to the world of media planners on imediaconnection.com. The post offers some practical suggestions to avoid common mistakes in media planning and reinforces some ideas that should come as common sense, but are too often forgotten.... Read More

From Posting to Hosting: Nine Media Companies Will Begin Publishing Instant Articles Directly to Facebook

by Dan Muller |  The Pew Research Center has found that 30% of Americans get their news from Facebook and the social media giant sees this number as an opportunity for growth. Soon users will be able to access news media content that has been uploaded directly to their feed. Publishing content directly comes with a handful of benefits... Read More

Paid Search Data on Flowers and Gifts from AdGooroo

by The SRDS Team |  Our colleagues at AdGooroo published a fascinating, in-depth look at how flower and gift retailers are promoting themselves via paid search ahead of Mother's Day on Sunday. This latest deep-dive pairs well with AdGooroo's Valentine's Day analysis of jewelry paid search advertising. Click here to read all about it! Read More

Updated SQAD Data Available

by The SRDS Team |  The latest SQAD Radio and TV Cost-Per-Point estimates are now available in the media planning platform at SRDS.com. Broadcast media buyers and planners use SQAD data for media cost forecasting, specifically to find out what a CPP should be in the upcoming quarter, by market, by daypart. Cost per Rating Point (CPP) is... Read More

Get to Know...bRealTime

by The SRDS Team |  We are thrilled to announce the availability of new private marketplace programmatic inventory in the digital database thanks to our good friends at bRealTime. bRealTime, the programmatic arm of CPXi has more than a decade of experience optimizing the digital media and advertising ecosystem. bRealTime gives its agency... Read More

SRDS.com Exclusive: Interview with Acxiom about Omni-Channel View

by The SRDS Team |  We asked David Wells, Acxiom Senior Director of Agency Sales, to talk to us about how Acxiom can deliver an omni-channel view of digital campaigns, and how agencies can use that data for better client recommendations. Kantar Media SRDS: Can you give our readers a quick 2-3 sentence explanation of Acxiom, in case they're... Read More

Get to Know...Adslot

by The SRDS Team |  Recently Kantar Media SRDS welcomed additional automated guaranteed inventory to its digital database thanks to our newest programmatic trading partner, Adslot. Adslot is an advertising technology company that automates the trading of guaranteed display media placements. Adslot provides buyers with scale, control and... Read More

March Madness Advertising Insights from Kantar Media

by The SRDS Team |  Our colleagues at Kantar Media have once again analyzed the advertising spending data around the NCAA post-season—commonly referred to as March Madness—and published some fascinating insights into TV ad spending, how March Madness compares to other sporting events, the average cost of a 30-second spot, top advertisers... Read More

Which retailers are winning the holiday ad spend battles?

by Mike Morrow |  With each passing day on the calendar, the Winter Holiday shopping season builds towards its conclusion. The stakes are obviously high for the retail industry, with close to 20 percent of annual sales occurring during this period. As we get further into the holiday season, our friends at Kantar Media, sister company... Read More

Understanding Programmatic Advertising Deals

by The SRDS Team |  Programmatic advertising – using technology to automate the buying and selling of digital ads – is the newest area of growth in advertising, and many studies have shown it will only increase in importance and reach. According to an AOL study, more than 90% of advertisers use programmatic buying methods in their... Read More

Atlas: The Future of Cross-Platform Targeting

by The SRDS Team |  As more adults shift from the TV to the smartphone to tablet and back again throughout their daily lives, the ability to use data (not just cookies) to create a cross-platform campaign is something that could be real very soon. Facebook recently re-launched Atlas, the ad server the company acquired from Microsoft last... Read More

How Will Fraud Impact Programmatic in 2015?

by The SRDS Team |  Fraud is a major issue in digital advertising that will stay in the headlines in 2015. About 36% of traffic is considered fake, according to estimates cited by the IAB. This is a scary truth for buyers allocating so much of their budget to display and specifically open RTB. In fact, a major criticism of open... Read More

Programmatic Advertising and its Impact on Other Media

by The SRDS Team |  Increasingly, TV, radio and out-of-home media are becoming Internet-connected, forcing the question of how programmatic ad buying might be implemented in these different media to increase efficiencies. Programmatic is so appealing across media due to its ability to replace mass advertising with personalized... Read More

Rapid Adoption of Programmatic Advertising by Some Agencies, Brands and Publishers

by The SRDS Team |  There is no doubt that programmatic can be a tricky landscape to navigate, but it’s a reality in digital advertising. Several major brands have openly discussed their commitment to programmatic. In May 2014, Ad Age reported that American Express planned to shift 100% of its media buys to programmatic. Procter & Gamble... Read More

Outsmarting Your Competition with People & Programmatic Technology

by The SRDS Team |  In traditional advertising, a big budget allows you to outspend the competition to get the best positioning, reach and frequency. The more you spend, the more exclusivity you can buy. While dollars are still an important part of the programmatic buying equation, there are several other factors that can give your brand... Read More

Get to Know…Rubicon Project

by The SRDS Team |  Rubicon Project is an advertising technology company focused on automating the buying and selling of advertising. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Rubicon Project has engineered one of the largest real-time cloud and big data computing systems, processing trillions of transactions within milliseconds... Read More

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