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Who Uses SRDS.com?

by The SRDS Team |  At Kantar Media SRDS, we collect, curate and deliver the data media buyers need to connect with media sellers. But who specifically uses SRDS.com? First off, we work with ad agencies and brands to help their team (media planners, media buyers, account teams, marketers, etc.) find, consider and understand the vast world... Read More

7 Reasons Media Companies Work with SRDS.com

by The SRDS Team |  Since 1919, we have collected and curated advertising data from media brands, and then delivered it to media buyers and sellers, hence our tagline “Where Media Decisions Are Made™.” We’ve always covered top media types. At first, newspapers, magazines and billboards, but as new media channels sprung up, we added them... Read More

SRDS.com Reports

by Tina Stevens |  Using SRDS reports is as simple as clicking "Add to Report" for media in SRDS search results or detailed listings. Once tagged, you can view and modify your list, then export the data by clicking the "Reports" link. Contact Reports are available for multimedia data sets, and Detailed Reports provide media-specific... Read More

More than Half of Our Employees Use a Digital Device to Watch TV Programming

by The SRDS Team |  Even though the list of ways we can watch television programming continues to grow, the traditional TV is still the favorite among Kantar Media SRDS and Healthcare Research employees. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only device we use. We surveyed our employees to learn more. We found that 92% of the 52 respondents... Read More

When Do You Conduct Media Planning for Black Friday Promotions?

by The SRDS Team |  As fall begins, we're curious about how you plan media for busiest shopping day of the year: Black Friday. Let us know below! Fill out my online form. ]]> Read More

Digital Ad Unit Spotlight: Billboard 970x250

by The SRDS Team |  The number of IAB Billboard display ads (970x250) running on websites listed in the SRDS.com Digital Media database increased 14% from June to July 2013.* Despite this growth, the Billboard ad unit still only makes up a small slice of the online ad pie. Only 2% of sites listed in SRDS.com are running this unit... Read More

More Information Icons

by Tina Stevens |  Quickly access more media planning data with the more information icons. These may include tablet editions, video media kits, instant editions, publisher’s research, featured marketing opportunities, distribution/audience profiles, audit statements and social media links. Read More

Twitter Reveals New Ad Retargeting Capabilities

by The SRDS Team |  If you visited an online candy shop recently, you may start to notice candy-related promoted Tweets while surfing Twitter. That’s because the social networking site has announced a new way for brands to reach their target audience. Specifically, advertisers can target promoted content to Twitter users based on their... Read More

SRDS.com in 2013: What's New!

by The SRDS Team |  It’s been a busy year at Kantar Media SRDS and we’d like to recap some of the highlights in the last six months, specifically product enhancements, user events and our top content. Here we go! Users can now get a more complete view of the online advertising opportunities on the Web with the addition of ad sizes and... Read More

New Native Advertising and Content Marketing Task Forces for the IAB

by The SRDS Team |  When the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) makes an announcement, most digital marketers, publishers and advertisers listen. So when the group announced last month that it launched two task forces, one for Native Advertising and one for Content Marketing, it became clear that the IAB doesn’t anticipate either one... Read More

Detailed Listings

by Tina Stevens |  When you're scanning through SRDS.com search results, feel free to quickly browse through several listings. Once you find a media property you're seriously considering, click the name of the listing (the blue link) for more information, including contacts and reps, rates and much more. Read More

SRDS.com Direct Marketing Data Updates in July

by June Levy |  This summer may have been on the cool side at our Chicago headquarters, but our team has been feverishly working to provide SRDS.com users with thousands of updates within the SRDS Direct Marketing List Source. The team made 18,514 updates in July and added 1,150 new DM lists. That brings the total number of direct... Read More

SRDS.com Media Data Updates in July

by June Levy |  Our data team does its best every single day to provide SRDS.com users with the most updated media planning data. In July, the team made a total of 5,932 updates within the databases (not including direct marketing – see those here!). The largest chunk of updates came from websites in our digital database. Here's the... Read More

SQAD Second Quarter Radio and TV Data Available in SRDS.com

by Chris Pokorny |  As a reminder radio and TV/cable database subscribers can find the SQAD information as follows in SRDS.com: SQAD Spot Radio Cost-Per-Point Estimates This data can be found under the Radio Search. TV Household Cost-per-Point Levels This data can be found under the TV & Cable Search. Log in now to view the data or if you... Read More

SRDS.com Exclusive: Interview with Zenya

by The SRDS Team |  The division between agencies and vendors is increasingly blurry in today’s digital advertising world. From “traditional” ad networks to retargeting platforms to RTB marketplaces, it can be challenging to pinpoint what a vendor specifically offers and if they’re a good fit for your brand.  Kantar Media SRDS strives to... Read More

Tablet Media Library

by Tina Stevens |  Did you know that the SRDS Tablet Media Library includes more than 800 newspaper and magazine apps, in multiple app stores, that accept advertising? Log in and see how to diversify your digital media planning efforts. Read More

Evolving as a Media Company: 4 Hints for Reaching Millennials from MTV's Danniele Paponetti

by Sophia Venetos |  Every media company has a target audience. For some, it’s huge, like Pandora. For others it’s highly-specific, like a beauty magazine looking to reach women between 25 and 35. Luckily, the majority of media companies doesn’t just lose their entire prospect base and are forced to start from scratch. MTV, however, is... Read More

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